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    The mission of TeamMates is to positively impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential. 


  • Who Was Your Mentor? Are you willing to mentor one of our students for 20-30 minutes per week?

    Discover more about how you can positively impact the life of one of our students through TeamMates mentoring and dedicating only 30-60 minutes per week. Click here and watch a great 4-minute video about the benefits of mentoring.

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  • Apply to Mentor

    If you are interested in having a positive impact on the life of a student through school-based mentoring, go to www.teammates.org. Click on the Apply to Mentor tab at the top of the page, and follow the instructions.

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  • TeamMates Officers, Board Members, and Coordinators

    Pres. Dr. Larry Stuckey (also a Mentor)
    V.P. Chad Wehrbein
    Sec. Sharon Russell (also a Mentor)
    Treas. Michael Lennen (also a Mentor)
    Dr. Richard E. Hasty (also Prog. Coordinator and Mentor)
    Dr. Bill Rishel (also a Mentor)
    Roger Schmidt
    Lindsee Fryatt (also the E.S. Building Coordinator and a Mentor)
    Jim Schutz
    Brian Harvey (also a Mentor)
    Sara Barada (M.S. Building Coordinator)
    Keryl Mines (H.S. Building Coordinator)

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  • Hasty, Dr. Richard E.

    Email: rhasty@pcsd.org
    Program Coordinator