Starting in Week 5, the 5th period Physical Science class will be caught up with the other two classes, so look to the normal Daily Schedule for what will be happening in class.

    Week 4:  (Jan 23-27)
    1st Block:  Open Note Quiz over Chapters 8-9. (Open note, not open book.) WUP are NOT due at this time . (No redo on this one, so take your time and be certain your answers are completely correct!)​  Read 11-1 and 11-2 for tomorrow. Optional Extra Credit, due by second block in week 4: 11EC.pdf

    2nd Block:  WUP 1: What is displacement? Starting Physics! Distance and Displacement. PPTphysci1110.pdf  HW: 11-1.1 WUP 2: A person walks 4mE16mS14mE2mN20mW and 17mN. What is the total distance, and what is the magnitude of the displacement? Speed and Velocity. Read 11-3 for tomorrow. PPTphysci1120.pdf HW: 11-2.1

    Friday:  WUP 3: A car accelerates such that it goes from 42m/s to 24m/s in 4 seconds. The car is moving west. What is the car's acceleration? Understanding Acceleration PPT: physci1130.pdf HW: 11-3.1

    Week 3:  (Jan 17-20)
    1st Block:  WUP 1: What is the main topic of Chapter 8?  Overview of Chapter 8.  WUP 2: What is the definition of solubility? Solutions--Sections 8-1 and 8-2. Class groupwork on important points in sections 1 and 2.  WUP 3: List two general properties of an acid. Understanding Acids and Bases (8-3 and 8-4). Groupwork​​.  Read 9-1 and 9-4 for next time.

    2nd Block:  Finish discussing 8-3 and 8-4.  WUP 4: What is a polymer? Understanding Organic Chemistry and Digestion (9-1 and 9-4). Groupwork 

    Week 2: (Jan 9-13)
    1st Block: Energy changes, reaction rates, and equilibrium. PPTphysci7350.pdf HW: 7-35.1  Review of Chapter 7.  HW:  Rev7. Review worksheet due on the day of the quiz.

    2nd Block:  MAP Test

    Friday:  Chapter 7 Quiz.  WUP due today, along with the Chapter 7 review worksheet.  Read 8-1 and 8-2 for next time.​​

    Week 1: (Jan 3-6)
    C Day:  Review of class rules and procedures.  WUP 1: What is the chemical formula for hydrogen gas? Chemical Reactions. PPT: physci710.pdf HW: 7-1.1   

    Block:  WUP 2: Balance this reaction: propane reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water. Types of Reactions. 
    PPTphysci720.pdf HW: 7-2.1 Read 7-3 to 7-5. WUP 3: What three things are required for something to be a combustion reaction? Energy changes, reaction rates, and equilibrium. PPTphysci7350.pdf HW: 7-35.1

    Friday:  Finish Chapter concepts, review.  Quiz over chapter 7 on Monday.