WatchDOG Dads spend their day helping in their own children's classrooms as well in other classrooms and areas of the school. Their daily activities include helping individual students or small groups of children with reading, writing, math facts, or other school work. They eat lunch with their own children, and interact and play games with students at recess time. WatchDOGS also take time to patrol the school hallways and parking lots to help to keep our schools safe.

    The WatchDOGS report that their day at the school is very rewarding, enlightening and beneficial. They say they have newfound respect for teachers and for how they are able to deal with so many students with different needs and ability levels. Our students are really excited to have WatchDOGs here.

    If you have any questions or would like to become a WatchDOG, call Keryl Mines at 296-4173. We would love to have you here!
    To learn more about Watch DOGS please visit: www.fathers.com/watchdogs



  • Mines, Keryl

    Business: (402) 296-4173
    Email: kmines@pcsd.org