Positive Reinforcements -Awards-Complaiments

  • Citizen of the Month
    Each month, I choose one student from our classroom to be Citizen of the Month. A Citizen of the Month is someone who
    *is a good friend
    *helps others
    *is respectful to others
    *is responsible
    *follows directions
    Citizens of the Month are awarded certificates at the school assemblies. Families are encouraged to attend and support their "Citizens of the Month".
    High Five
    Each month, I select a "High Five Student" from our class. This student is someone that has been working hard on an individual goal in our classroom. The 'High Five Student" paints his/her hand on the 'High Five Wall" (located just before the Art Specials room).
    Purple Card
    Students have the opportunity to earn purple cards each day in our classroom. A "Purple Card" is given to a student who demonstrates "Above and Beyond" work, behavior, attitude, or engagement. A student receiving a "purple card" will receive a sticker on their "star" at the end of the day as well as their name in the drawing box. Every Friday, Iwill choose ONE name from t he box and that student will earn a prize.
    Each student with a 'green card' at the end of the day will receive a sticker on their 'star'. When a student earns five stickers on their 'star' they earn a prize from the treasure box. Students that earn a 'purple card(s) at the end of the day, in addition to green, will earn a sticker(s) on their 'star' as well
    Yellow Star
    Our class can earn COMPLAIMENTS from other teachers and staff in the hallway, Specials, lunch, recess , assemblies or substitutes. Every 5th complaiment/star earns a classroom prize. Examples of classsroom prizes include: computer lab time, extra recess, class game, popcorn party, IPAD time. If our class reaches 25 complaiments by the end of the year, we will have a popcice party.