• Biology Course Syllabus

    Mr. Davis

    1st Semester

    Unit 1            Scientific Method and Inquiry                                    Chp 1,2,3

                                        Create Your Own Experiment

    Unit 2            Chemistry of Life                                                  Chp 4 and 5

                                        Chem equations and balancing

    Unit 3            Cells and Mitosis                                                  Chp 6, 9.1-9.4

                                        Cell organelles and division

    Unit 4            Energy in the Cell                                                            Chp 7 and 8



    2nd Semester

    Unit 5            Meiosis and Mendel                                Chp 9.5-9.6 and 10

                                        Sexual Reproduction and genetic crosses 

    Unit 6            DNA & Human Genetics                                                Chp 11 and 12

                                        Structure and function of DNA

    Unit 7            Evolution and Classification                            Chp 14 and 15

                                        How organisms evolve and how they are classified

    Unit 8            Animal Research Project                                  Chp 23,24,25,26

                                        Incorporates everything animal

    Unit 9            Ecology and Biomes                                            Chp 34

                                        Biomes of the world and their interactions

    Unit 10         Communities and Ecosystems                                    Chp 35 and 36

                                        How populations interact within the ecosystems


    The semester grade will be based on homework, projects, labs, quizzes and tests over the various topics.   I am a member of the ATEAM so I will try to incorporate hands on activities as much as I can.


    Classroom rules – Do the right thing! Be on time, be courteous, look me in the eye when we talk and do your homework.


    Late work will be accepted per school board policy. However once the next unit test day comes up, all of the previous unit is now shut off.


    This course will provide learning in the context to students in the ATEAM Academy at PHS. Instructional Resources and assignments will be structured and customized to allow students to demonstrate understanding of Biology concepts needed to be successful.


    Biology ATEAM – Works within Diesel Mechanics, Plant Science and Animal Science. Careers involved are anything that deals with the Scientific method like medical field, Diesel Technologies, Plant genetics and Animal Genetics et.al. Topics covered are Energy derived by plants, Energy transfer throughout the ecosystem.   Animal Research projects.

    We will continually be looking for more cross curricular assignments and meshing more with each of the classes.