Navigating the District Website

This document shows you where to go to find what you need!!

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  • Communicating through our District Website:


    • Become very familiar with the District and Building pages. The top and bottom menus have some of the same elements on district and building web pages.
    • When you get to a page, notice the sub-pages in the side menu.
    • Look for embedded links to other pages. They are a slightly different color.


    Where to Find

    • Announcements: District Homepage and building web pages
    • A calendar of events: District and building web pages include calendars
    • Information about what is taught, textbooks and resources, as well as special programs like HAL. Special Education, and EL. Departments-Curriculum and Instruction- Content and Learning
    • Information about the assessments that are used at each level, etc.: Departments-Curriculum and Instruction- Assessments
    • Information about data analysis and learning results: Departments-Curriculum and Instruction-Learning Results
    • Information about how we get better and accreditation: Departments-Curriculum and Instruction- Improvement Process
    • School Board Information: District Homepage- About PCS- Board of Education; District Homepage- District News and/or Announcements
    • Student Course Information and Grades: Teacher pages (on building web pages) and Infinite Campus (under For Parents tab)
    • Parent/Guardian resources on helping with behavior, academics, etc.: For Parents-Parent Resources
    • Fees and Payments: For Parents- Infinite Campus – (login and Fees and/or Payments is on the left menu)
    • Registration links: For Parents- Infinite Campus (login and Online Registration link is on the bottom left menu)
    • Other Parent/Guardian supports (i.e. calendars, links to activities sites, links to lunch services, handbooks, etc.): For Parents
    • Information about Nutritional and Health Services: Departments -Nutrition and/or Health Services
    • Technology ideas and games: Departments-Technology
    • A Place to Share My Ideas and Opinion: Let’s Talk (under For Parents, For Community, For Faculty, and For Students)
    • Links to Twitter and Facebook: Click on Twitter and Facebook icons at the bottom or each page



    Working in partnership to ensure Academic achievement, responsible Behavior and Civic engagement.