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Working in Partnership- Remote Learning

  • This is a new situation for all of us!


    Link to PCSD Acellus Remote Learning guide:

    PCSD Acellus


    This site will help us work together to support your student's growth in academics, behavior, and civic engagement.

    1. Establish routines and expectations
      • Set up a flexible routine. Students are used to a schedule of events. A routine can help them manage their time. It can also help you. If you consistently follow a routine, there will be fewer arguments!
      • Get up at a certain time, get dressed, chunk the learning, provide time to breaks, and consider including exercise, music, and art!
    2. Choose a good place to learn
      • Set up a physical location that’s dedicated to school-focused activities. Make sure it is quiet, free from distractions, and has a good internet connection.
      • Have school resources readily available. A backpack can be a good place to keep everything they will need.
      • Make sure an adult monitors online learning. Keep doors open, and practice good digital safety.
    3. Stay in touch
      • We are here for you!
      • Keep an eye out for emails.
      • Check this website for ideas.
      • Remember we have School Social Workers at every building. They can help your student and your family in many ways. 
      • Let us know what you need and what challenges you are facing.
    4. Help students ‘own’ their learning
      • You are an expert when it comes to your student-maybe the content. Teach your student to let you know when something is hard and how to contact the teacher. 
      • Provide support and encouragement, and expect your children to do their part.
      • Struggling is allowed and encouraged! Don’t help too much.
    5. Build-in checking-ins
      • In the morning, you might ask:
        • What classes/subjects do you have today?
        • Do you have any assessments?
        •  What are you going to work on?
        • What resources do you need?
        • What can I do to help?
      • At the middle and/or end of the day you might ask:
        • How far did you get in your learning tasks today?
        • What did you discover? What was hard?
        • What could we do to make tomorrow better?