PCSD Assessment Quality Criteria


District Test Writing Guidelines and Procedures



We believe that assessments provide information that can help answer these four questions:

What do we want students to know and be able to do?

How do we know when they know it?

What do we do when they don’t?

What do we do when they do?


State Quality Criteria


Criterion 1: The Assessments Match the Standards

Each assessment is aligned to standards.

The identified standard actually is reflected in the assessment.

Criterion 2: Students Have an Opportunity to Learn

Evidence is provided that teachers teach the content needed for students to be successful.

Evidence is provided that the assessment samples the learning sufficiently enough to provide valid and reliable results.

Criterion 3: The Assessments are Free of Bias and Sensitive Situations

            -   Bias and sensitive situations do not distract learners.

Criterion 4: The Assessments are Set at the Appropriate Level

Criterion 5: There is Consistency In Scoring

Procedures put in place to ensure validity and reliability.

Criterion 6: The Mastery Levels are Appropriately Set

Predictions or other reliable methods are used to determine mastery levels.





Assessment practices support effective instruction and learning opportunities.

Teachers are responsible for thorough and effective content preparation, practice with testing formats, instruction in test-taking strategies, and the development of effective assessments.

Using a variety of assessment methods helps effectively meet the needs of all students.

Assessment methods need to be matched with learning goals.