• Assessment Roles
    District and Administration
    • Develop standards-based, developmentally appropriate, and aligned curriculum in major content areas. Supports students, parents, and teachers in the learning process.
    • Provides effective content instruction thoroughly and thoughtfully throughout the year.
    • Helps students learn about and use different testing-taking formats throughout the year.
    • Helps students and parents understand how assessments are used to make instructional decisions. 
    • Does his/her best to learn the content throughout the year.
    • Puts forth his/her best effort when taking the assessment.
    • Explains to his/her student the value of getting a good education and the importance of assessments.
    • Helps his/her student as they learn the content.
    • Make sure his/her student is well-rested and well-fed when he/she comes to school the day of the test