• Plattsmouth Mission Statement
    Defining: Academic Achievement
    Working in partnership to ensure Academic achievement, responsible Behavior
     and Civic engagement.
    To create an environment that empowers students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to reach their career goals, understand and participate in civic situations, and make thoughtful and appropriate choices.  
    Our vision is for students to use their academic knowledge and high-level thinking skills to make thoughtful and appropriate choices in all aspects of their social and emotional life.
    Plattsmouth Community School District students will use their academic content knowledge and skills to reach their career goals and to adapt to changing jobs market. Students will also use their foundation of academic knowledge and skills as they analyze civic situations, make effective civic decisions, and participate in a democratic and world community.
    Belief Statements:
    We believe that because our schools are well equipped to develop academic knowledge and skills, all students will have the opportunity to:
    ·      Learn.
    ·      Use diverse learning strategies to acquire knowledge.
    ·      Use the technology, research skills, and problem solving techniques needed for life-long learning.
    ·      Learn from challenging and authentic experiences.
    ·      Continue to develop and apply higher-level thinking skills.
    ·      Develop study skills strategies.
    ·      Become responsible for their learning.
    ·      Set and achieve academic goals.
    ·      Have and be positive role models.
    ·      Have their learning developed through the cooperative efforts of the student, home, family, school, and community.