• Plattsmouth Mission Statement
    Defining: Responsible Behavior
    Working in partnership to ensure Academic achievement, responsible Behavior
     and Civic engagement.
    To encourage an environment in which students develop respect for self, other people and property as well as demonstrate responsibility, integrity, courage, good judgment, and leadership.
    Our vision is for students to demonstrate responsible behaviors in their homes, community, academic endeavors, and work places. Using these behaviors they will be able to better themselves, their community, their country, and the world.
    Belief Statements:
    We believe that because our schools are well equipped to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for appropriate behavior students will have the opportunity to:
    ·               Learn and exhibit respect for people and property.
    ·               Follow classroom and school expectations.
    ·               Learn socially appropriate skills.
    ·               Display the courage necessary to make appropriate decisions and
    stand up for your principles.
    ·               Defend others when they are being mistreated or misunderstood.
    ·               Analyze the impact inappropriate behaviors have on themselves, their
    peers, and society at large.
    ·               Accept and apply constructive feedback.
    ·               Demonstrate reliability, hard work and resiliency.
    ·               Display pride in self, school, community, and country.
    ·               Demonstrate self- reliance (financial, academics, etc.)
    ·               Learn to balance school, family, friends, and work.
    ·               Learn the importance of optimism and encouraging others.
    ·               Practice self-determination
    ·               Develop goals and implement personal strategies.
    ·               Develop the problem-solving skills needed for bettering themselves,
     their community and the world.