• Plattsmouth Mission Statement

    Defining: Civic Engagement
    Working in partnership to ensure Academic achievement, responsible Behavior
    and Civic engagement.
    To create an environment that empowers students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to make responsible choices in order to promote the public good within their communities.
    Our vision is for students to feel connected to and pride in their community. They will participate in communities politically and socially and exhibit civic values. Students will be able to interact appropriately in social situations and use skills for productive problem solving and decision-making. Given a situation, they will make thoughtful, appropriate choices. Toleration of others and their choices will be their expectation.
    Civically engaged students will be connected to their world, country, community, and heritage, actively involving themselves in such things as:
                * Clubs
                * Student Council
                * Safety patrol
                *Community events
                *Community meetings
                *Public issues/activities
                *Peaceful protests
    Belief Statements:
    We believe that because our schools are well equipped to address the cognitive aspects of good citizenship, students will have the opportunity to:
    * Contribute to different organizations in an array of interests and beliefs.
    * Work together to preserve the environment.
    * Participate in and contribute to the community.
    * Be informed about and thoughtful of the world around them.
    * Respect and understand the rights and welfare of others and their property. 
    * Display empathy, tolerance, and appreciation of differences.