Working in partnership to ensure Academic achievement, responsible Behavior and Civic engagement.
    Plattsmouth Elementary Description

    Plattsmouth Elementary School houses approximately 600 students, grades K-4, in a facility completed in 1996. The building is arranged in pods or learning communities. The elementary school program is based on the belief that education is a cooperative effort that requires strong support between the family, the community, and the school. Regular academic areas are taught by highly-qualified teachers. Students also receive instruction from full-time staff members specializing in the areas of music, art, physical education, special education, Title I and reading, counseling, library/media and computer education. Special features of the elementary school include: full-day kindergarten, research-based instructional programs, fully equipped media center, gymnasium, computer lab and classroom technology, and modern playground areas.  
    Plattsmouth Elementary Improvement Goals
    Elementary educators are working with the district on AdvancED District Accreditation. Through a thorough review of assessment and survey data, the building has selected reading and math problem solving as the target goals for the next cycle of school improvement.

    The Plattsmouth Elementary School (PES) has many systems in place to support these goals. Teachers work in professional learning communities to review data and identify student needs. The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) and other assessments are used to document achievement and student growth. Students and teachers use the data to set individual goals.

    An Opportunity Block will be provided each day. In this block of time, students will receive the individualized academic support they need to meet their goals. Researched-based programs will be used in this process.

    The math and reading programs used at PES provide students with high quality education designed to improve skills and help students apply what they learn to everyday life. These programs allow for differentiated instruction and higher order thinking.

    A before and after school program, POPS Place, not only provides a care opportunity for parents, but also supports and extends the academic opportunities for participating students.

    Civic engagement is a major part of the elementary program. Students are involved in these activities repeatedly throughout the school year. Through these opportunities, students work in collaboration with the community as well as middle and high school students.

    Plattsmouth Elementary School received a Bronze award from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Schools Program.