High Ability Learners
    An adequate plan for the identification of high ability learners requires the use of multiple criteria in an effort to be inclusive. This process is based on triangulation of data obtained from an intelligence test, achievement test, and a teacher observation form.
    Kindergarten - Grade 12
    Phase I – Screening

    Students are identified as high ability learners by earning a cumulative score of at least 10 points on the Plattsmouth
    HAL Student Profile. Students earn points, based on their performance relative to an intelligence test, achievement test, and teacher observation form. A copy of the HAL Student Profile form is included.

    Phase II - Selection
    • Student profiles will be studied by a review committee composed of the High Ability Learner Facilitator, the Director of Student Services, and/or the building principal.

    Phase III - Placement in the Program
    • Each student selected by this committee, upon parental approval, will be included in the High Ability Learner Program. A list of identified students and their areas of high ability will be provided to classroom teachers by the High Ability Learner Facilitator. The district will provide the Nebraska Department of Education with an annual report of identified students and information regarding identification criteria.
    • Within the first 30 days of each school year, parents will be informed in writing of the student’s identification, how the student was identified, and programs/instructional strategies available to the student.
    • A parental decision not to participate may be made without penalty or sanction.
    • A decision by the committee not to place a student in the program will be followed by:
    1) Notification of the student by the HAL facilitator in a one on one conference.
    2) Notification of the parent, in writing, with the option of a conference if requested.
    3) Recommendations of alternatives, if necessary, to the parent and classroom teacher.

    Phase IV - Reevaluation
    • To determine continued participation, a reevaluation may be completed every year by the facilitator and validated by the review committee. At the discretion of the review committee, any previously administered assessment may be repeated to confirm continued eligibility.

    Transfer Procedures
    • Students who have previously been identified as high ability learners and transfer into the Plattsmouth Community School District will be automatically placed in the HAL Program for one year. Prior to starting their second school year in the HAL program, the review committee may complete review procedures for these students.
    • During registration, parents will have an opportunity to inform school staff if their children were in special programs and those responses will be noted for check-in procedures so that records may be reviewed.

    Appeal Process
    If parents disagree with the decision of the review committee, they may submit a written appeal to the Director of Student Services. The Director of Student Services will gather necessary information and inform the parents of the decision regarding the appeal.

    If you have any questions concerning your child and the HAL Program, please contact:
    The elementary HAL coordinator Niki Campin (ncampin@pcsd.org) or the middle school/high school HAL coordinator Kristen Stromsodt (kstromsodt@pcsd.org). 
    Dr. Richard E. Hasty (rhasty@pcsd.org) Superintendent and Director of Student Services, may be reached at 296-3361.