Working in partnership to ensure Academic achievement, responsible Behavior, and Civic engagement.
    Plattsmouth High School Description
    The educational program at Plattsmouth High School is comprehensive and is designed to meet the diverse needs of all students. More than 130 courses provide choices for 490 students. Honors and advanced placement courses are offered for college-bound students along with courses to prepare students for trade and technical employment. Students have many opportunities to explore career fields through a Wall-to-Wall Career Academies program. Starting in their freshman year, students explore their interests and skills and select one of three career-related academies to explore. Instruction all classes, including math, reading, and science, is related to careers in the academy grouping. Students complete a portfolio and capstone project at the end of their four years to highlight what they have learned through coursework, internships, work-study programs, and partnerships with local businessmen and businesswomen.  A well-developed guidance program assists students with career planning. The high school building was completed in 1996. It provides a 600-seat auditorium, a one-to-one computer program, two gymnasiums, and an industrial technology lab. In addition to the regular high school program, a PAL program offers courses to students needing alternative instructional programs and supports to ensure success. In 2010 Plattsmouth High School was the first in Nebraska to be a High School of Business and a Healthy Schools silver award winner. PHS was also awarded one of six Nebraska Innovation Grants for developing its career academy model. In 2018, it was awarded the Rule 57 School of the Year award by the Nebraska Department of Education.
    Plattsmouth High Improvement Goals
    Plattsmouth Community School District was awarded full AdvancED District Accreditation in the Spring of 2015. The high school is actively involved in the continuous improvement process. The high school has selected to target literary skills and math problem-solving for the NCA/AdvancED School Improvement goals for the current school improvement cycle.

    Plattsmouth High School has many systems in place to support these improvement goals. Teachers meet regularly in learning communities to review data and target students needs. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)scores are used to track growth and set individual student goals. Students are provided with individualized instruction options during a 2:45 period each day. They are also supported through work sessions before school, after school, and on Saturdays. All teachers in the building work toward increasing student achievement in literacy and problem-solving. Teachers use research-based instructional strategies as they work towards improving student academics.

    A focus on ensuring appropriate behavior and providing opportunities for civic engagement, including extra-curricular activities and community involvement, helps students develop the skills and habits needed to be successful.