Working in partnership to ensure Academic achievement, responsible Behavior, and Civic engagement.
    Plattsmouth Middle School Description
    Plattsmouth Community Middle School (PCMS) is a 5-8 building serving the educational needs of roughly 500 students. The approximately 60-member staff is committed to providing a positive school experience. Students receive a balanced curriculum of math, reading, science, social studies, physical education, health, and technology. They are also offered electives.
    Teachers worked in Professional Learning Communities (PLC's)to identify exactly what students need to know and be able to do. These essential outcomes are directly aligned with state and national standards and guide the curriculum, working to ensure a scope and sequence of concepts and skills taught. Teachers monitor learning through Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test and other district assessments. Many extra-curricular activities are available related to sports, leadership, civic engagement and other areas of student interest.
    Plattsmouth Middle School Improvement Goals
    Plattsmouth Middle School is part of the district accreditation process. A systematic review of data identified School Improvement Goals related to reading and math problem-solving. There are many systems in place to help students meet these goals.

    Through the PLC process, PCMS has also created a system that focuses on three areas that affect the student's education: academic assistance, academic responsibility, and behavior. The process helps identify students in need of support and provides extra those assistance. These students are called in for "re-teaching” or “tutoring" as needed at the end of each day and may be offered an extra study hall during the school day. Students are held accountable for missing work through study halls and other interventions.

    In order to ensure the classroom is a safe and interruption-free learning environment, the final area addressed is student behavior. When appropriate, the student and the teacher meet for a problem-solving meeting and student may be required to be on a behavior sheet to monitor behavior. Continued unacceptable behavior could lead to further interventions.
    Plattsmouth Community Middle School has a highly-rated after-school program called Blue Devil Academy. This program offers daily afterschool activities that inspire leadership, learning, and creativity. It also offers clubs during the school year and camps during the summer. 

    To better serve students with specific deficiencies in math and reading, PCMS has developed a plan for identifying students and providing them with additional instruction using alternative research-based interventions.

    In support of the math problem-solving goal, PCMS is increasing the amount of math instruction provided. Fifth-grade students will increase to 85 minutes of math each day and sixth-grade students will increase to 85 minutes of math each day for half a year.

    For those students succeeding academically, PCMS also offers students an option to attend a volunteer study hall each day or participate in an Enrichment Activity, in addition to the Talented and Gifted program housed in the building