Working in partnership to ensure Academic achievement, responsible Behavior and Civic engagement.
    PECC Description
    Plattsmouth Community Schools offers several early childhood programs for 3-4 year olds. All classrooms provide a literacy rich environment for early learning experiences. All programs implement the Creative Curriculum for instruction, to monitor progress and to share information with parents. The early childhood programs focus on the whole child. Developmentally appropriate activities facilitate growth and development in social, language, problem solving and motor skills. Health and nutrition are embedded in the early childhood curriculum as well as in the family services component.

    Parent involvement is an integral part of early childhood programming. There are a variety of opportunities for parents to participate in their child’s education (e.g., volunteering in the classroom, supporting learning activities at home, serving on a parent committee, becoming a member of the policy council). Information to support parenting is available.
    PECC Improvement Goals
    The Early Childhood program is focused on improving opportunities for children to develop new skills. Educators at this building are working with the district on AdvancED District Accreditation. Staff are committed to becoming more proficient with the Creative Curriculum Continuum in order to plan learning activities based on each child's skill levels and interests. Skillful implementation of the observation process will allow staff to measure each child's growth throughout the school year and plan accordingly. Creating a supportive environment for all students through the implementation of a positive behavior support system also enhances the opportunities for each student's learning.