Plattsmouth Community School District
    Mission Goals
    Working in partnership to ensure Academic achievement, responsible Behavior and Civic engagement.
    District Long-Term Academic Goals:
    1) Grade-level groups of students will meet or exceed the norm group average growth target on the Fall NWEA Measures of Academic Progress assessment for math and reading.
    2) Grade-level groups of students will meet or exceed the state average on the NSCAS-ELA and NSCAS-M assessment.
    District Long-Term Behavior Goals:
    1) All students will identify, demonstrate, and reflect upon the behaviors appropriate to a variety situations.
    2) Students will successfully complete their problem solving plans and exhibit a change in behavior. Baseline data will be collected in 2011/2012. An increase by 5% in completion and behavior change will be the goal for 2012/2013 through 2019-2020 Draft Goal).
    District Long-Term Civic Engagement Goal:
    All students will have the opportunity each year to participate in at least one Civic Engagement activity.
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