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Curriculum and Instruction


Welcome to Curriculum and Instruction!

On these pages, you will learn more about teaching and learning at Plattsmouth Community School District. Just follow the links on the left to explore Content and Learning, Assessment, and the Improvement Process.  

Don't forget to check out the Resources page as well! It has links, information, and ideas that are selected to make your job as a parent or guardian easier!

For more information about our great district, please see our Nebraska Education Profile.

Plattsmouth Community Schools NEP

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Cherie Larson, PhD

High School Technology Course Review

PHSl staff is reviewing the Computer Science Principles course published by These materials would meet state statute 79:3303. The course outline is available at the high school office. Click here for more information: Course Details.

Elementary Social Studies Review

Elementary teachers are piloting the Studies Weekly social studies program.  Samples can be found at the elementary office. 

Link to Studies Weekly: Social Studies webpage

Plattsmouth Schools Overview

Director of Instructional Services

Dr. Cherie Larson

Director of Instructional Services

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