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Improvement Process

Director of Instructional Services

Dr. Cherie Larson

Director of Instructional Services

Continuous Improvement and Accreditation

Continuous improvement is ingrained in the culture and the system of PCSD. The District uses Nebraska's Continuous Improvement Model to ensure consistent reflection and growth.

Nebraska's Continuous Improvement Model 


All the Schools in the District have been accredited for many years. The high school was first accredited in 1914, the middle school in 1981, and the elementary school in 2000. Currently all three buildings are accredited through the Nebraska Frameworks system. 

Improvement Process Steps

The district and its schools have plans for continuous improvement that they implement throughout the year.
  • Staff analyze data in September of each year and set annual grade-level and subject area goals.
  • Building-level Improvement Teams review the data and goals. They make adjustments to the building-level Continuous Improvement Plan if necessary. They also monitor progress toward the building-level five year goal.
  • District-level Improvement Teams review the district-level data and building-level goals. The team makes adjustments to the district plan if necessary. The team also monitors progress toward the district five year goal.

Data Analysis

Staff look at data from national, state, and local academic assessments to determine progress toward academic goals.  They also look at graduation rates, attendance rates, student participation in school activities, and other information related to student success. 

Nebraska Education Profile

Much of the data used in the analysis process is represented on the Nebraska Education Profile. This profile is designed to provide parents state, district, and school-level data. 

Nebraska Education Profile

AQuESTT: Nebraska's Quality Criteria

Nebraska's Six Tenets of AQuESTT identify the qualities of high quality schools. 


A Great District!

Nebraska classifies districts and schools. Plattsmouth Community School District is Classified as Great. For more information, go to the Nebraska Education Profile referenced above.