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The mission of TeamMates is to positively impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential.

Apply to Mentor

If you are interested in having a positive impact on the life of a student through school-based mentoring, go to There is a tab in yellow at the top of the page titled "Become a Mentor". There is also a tab near the middle of the page.

Who Was Your Mentor?

Are you willing to mentor one of our students for 20-30 minutes per week? Discover more about how you can positively impact the life of one of our students through TeamMates mentoring and dedicating only 30-60 minutes per week. The link below leads to a great 8-mnute video about the benefits of mentoring from Dr. Tom Osborne.

Officers, Board Members, and Mentors

President Matt Coplen (also a Mentor)
Vice President Dr. Bill Rishel (also a Mentor)
Secretary Jan Stuckey (also a Mentor)
Treasurer Bob Hahn (also a Mentor)
Dr. Richard E. Hasty (also Program Coordinator and Mentor)
Paul Lambert (also a Mentor)
Roger Schmidt
Keryl Mines
Brian Harvey
Jen Hiner (also a Mentor)
Janet Houston (also a Mentor)
Sarah Coniglio (Elementary Building Coordinator)
Sara Barada (Middle School Building Coordinator)
Katie Lorenzen (High School Building Coordinator)