Plattsmouth High School Hall of Fame

  • The Plattsmouth High School Hall of Fame was formed in 1998 and inducted its first members
    in the year 2001. Our mission has been “honoring the past to challenge the future.” To that end,
    the Hall of Fame committee has inducted 40 people who are excellent role models for today’s
    students. We have inducted people who have been successful in high school, in their
    community, in athletics, or in their chosen work field.

    For the first several years we held the induction ceremony in conjunction with the Plattsmouth
    High School Annual Alumni Banquet. But, it was always our intention to hold the ceremonies
    in the high school, during the school day and at a school event so that the students and the
    entire community could honor the Hall of Fame members and be inspired by their example.

    In 2009 we were able to make that change in venue. What a pleasure it was to see the students
    listening respectfully to the challenges of the inductees and applauding appropriately. The
    ceremony ended with a reception for friends and family in high school library. That evening, at
    a football game, the committee hosted a dinner prepared by the award-winning PHS Culinary
    Arts Class. During halftime, the inductees of the day and the past were introduced to the
    audience and congratulations continued on the stadium patio. We feel that this type of exposure
    of the Hall of Fame Members to the public and the students represents our best attempt to
    challenge today’s students to reach their fullest potential with examples of former students who
    have succeeded in life.

    As you might imagine, the events do come with a cost. We have, for the past eleven
    years, used funds from the sale of ”Memorial Bricks” which you may have seen in the high
    school entrances. That money is fast becoming depleted. We will continue with that method of
    finance while finding it necessary to enlist new ways to financially support our endeavor. An
    order form for a Memorial Brick is included here.