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    World Geography: 8th Block

    Instructor: Mrs. Negrete

    World Geography is a required 2 semester course at Plattsmouth High School.  We will cover most of the world's countries including the physical and human aspects.



  • Second Quarter Update

    Hello all!! The first quarter has quickly passed by and World Geography has been going exceptionally well. We have covered many review topics, as well as an introduction to economics and demographics. The students will study North and South America in the second quarter.

    Reminder: If you are missing an assignments please get them turned in to me as soon as possible.

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  • 1st period: World Geography
    2nd period: World Geography
    3rd period: World Geography
    4th period: World Geography
    5th period: World Geography
    7th period: World Geography
    8th period: Tutorial


  • Negrete, Jaima

    Email: jnegrete@pcsd.org