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  • Free ACT or Higher Subject Prep Resources for your Student(s)
    1. Go to:Free ACT
    2. Create an account
    • If students have not taken the ACT, they can click on Math, Science, etc. and the program will show them a series of learning experiences followed by a brief check for understanding that can lead to more resources.
    • If they have taken the ACT, they can add ACT scores (if they scroll over the information- they will see where to find the score on the report). 
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  • Assessment Overview

    PCSD has a complete assessment plan. All the assessment pages in the section are designed to help you understand what assessments we use and how each is used.

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  • Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System-Click here for more information

    Nebraska looks at assessment as a system that includes instructional support, ways to monitor what students know, and an annual test showing is a student is meeting state standards.

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  • How Do We Know If They Know It?

    PCSD Assessment
    Assessment at PCSD is not just about testing. It is about consistently figuring out what students know and don't know and using that information to increase learning. Assessment is guided by beliefs as well as quality assurance documents and procedures. Parents, students, and educators have have different roles in the assessment process.

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