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  • Welcome incoming 2015-2016 class!

    I am so excited to embark on a new school year with your children! Over the course of the next few weeks, I am sure you will be overcome with questions and possible concerns. Please, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Your child will be coming to Kindergarten visitation before Kindergarten starts. You should have already set up an appointment to meet with me at registration. If you did not, please …

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  • September High Five!

    Awesome job, Max! He is adjusting to all of the Kindergarten rules and procedures, and doing great! We are all so happy for you!

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  • Congratulations to our September Citizen!

    Congratulations, Serenity! She has been making really good choices since the first day of Kindergarten! Serenity is also very good at treating her friends with respect, and expecting others to do the same. We are all very proud of you Serenity!

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  • Welcome Class of 2027!

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  • April Citizen

    Congratulations, Emma! She has shown such good citizenship since the beginning of the school year. Emma always does her best, and has had some amazing writing lately! We are all very proud of you, Emma!

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  • 100 Days of Reading!

    We have some students to celebrate! Posted below are pictures of the children who have made it to 100 days of reading! This is a great accomplishment, and your hard work shows for sure! I will post more pictures as students reach 100!

    Congratulations, Chloe!

    Congratulations, Cody!

    Congratulations, Josh!

    Congratulations, Micah!

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  • Playing Spring and Summer Sports?

    Please share your child's sport/activity schedule with me! I LOVE to come and watch them perform outside of the classroom. I have had a couple of parents share soccer schedules, and I am already looking forward to coming to watch. Feel free to share!

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  • April Dates

    Happy Spring Parents and Students!

    We have many different events and important dates approaching. Please pay attention to the calendar both in your students' folder, as well as the one on the right side of this page. Click circled dates to see the details of that day. April and May are extremely busy months, so hang on tight, and enjoy the ride!!

    As always, contact me with any questions or …

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  • March High 5!

    Congratulations, Riley! Riley has done an awesome job in the classroom lately. Her daily writing always looks amazing, she is very helpful to her friends, and she is just overall a really great Kindergarten student! We are so excited for you, Riley!

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  • March Citizen of the Month!

    Congratulations to Johanna!
    JoJo has been an excellent citizen within our classroom all year long! She does an excellent job at being a great friend and supportive of her peers. She always does her best on her work and has made a lot of progress this year! Congratulations, JoJo! We are super proud of you!

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  • February High 5!

    Congratulations to Macy! Macy has done a wonderful job coming prepared to learn in the morning! It is so great to see her smiling face each morning! Way to go, Macy!

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  • We have a February Citizen!

    Congratulations to Olivia!
    She has been another amazing citizen since the beginning of Kindergarten! Olivia has a great personality and she shares it with everyone around her. Way to go, Olivia! We are so very happy to have you!

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  • Playing in the Snow

    We were talking about the

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  • January High 5

    Lee is such a hard worker! The best part is, he LOVES to learn! Congratulations, Lee!! We are so happy for you!

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  • December High 5

    Charlee earned a

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  • Calendar Change

    Did you enjoy your snow day?! Since we had an unexpected day off, there will be changes to the calendar in the folders. All of the

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    January Citizen

    Is Cody! Cody has done an amazing job this school year. He reads his guided reading nightly, does his best in class, and is a good friend. Congratulations, Cody!

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  • Show and Tell/Snack

    The Kindergarten students are very eager to start show and tell. I allow the helper of the day to bring something of their choice to share. I tell the students the day before they are going to be helper so that they can bring something. If they forget, I allow them to show the next day if they bring something. Please ensure that they only bring an item that will fit into their backpack.

    We are …

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  • Watch Santa feed his reindeer! OR, just watch the reindeer!

    The students have LOVED watching the reindeer cam. They have asked me to post the link on our classroom website. I am hoping that the link will work, but if not the web address is www.reindeercam.comwww.reindeercam.com

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  • December Citizen

    Congratulations to Anna Claire! You have been an excellent citizen in our Kindergarten classroom! Awesome job on being responsible and respectful!!

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    November High 5

    Awesome job, Kadin! Kadin has done a wonderful job working with Mrs. Barb on his letters! He does great and we are so proud of him!

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  • November Citizen

    Our November citizen is Chloe! It is so awesome to have Chloe in our class. She always does her best work and follows directions wonderfully. She is a great friend and role model. Nice job, Chloe!

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  • Literacy Night and Dairy Queen Night

    Thursday, November 7th is a very special day! From 5:30-6:30, we have Literacy Night. This is an opportunity for families to come together and learn literacy games. Also, from 5:00-8:00, Dairy Queen is generously donating 20% of their profits to benefit Children's Hospital. This is the Kindergarten class civic engagement project. Hope to see you all!

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  • October Citizen

    Congratulations to Max! He is our October citizen of the month! Max does a wonderful job of following directions, doing his best, and is a great friend to others. Awesome job, Max!

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  • October High 5 Winner

    Blaine is our October High 5 student! Blaine has been doing an amazing job at coming in and doing his morning jobs right away. He is also doing really well at finishing his work and taking pride in the work he has done. We think you are awesome, Blaine!

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Lets Talk About It!

  • Questions, questions, any questions?!

    Posted by Julie Meisinger on 7/26/2012 12:10:15 PM
     I know you haven't even met me yet future students/parents.... BUT, do you have any questions, concerns, anything you all want to discuss? Fire away! 
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Forms and Documents


  • Mrs. Meisinger's Kindergarten Schedule

    8:10-8:30~ Morning Jobs, Morning Work
    8:30-9:00~ Opportunity Block (Individualized Instruction Time)
    9:00-10:05~ Reading / Phonics Block (Shared Reading, Guided Reading, Daily 5, Phonics)
    10:05-10:15~ Snack and Restroom
    10:15-11:05~ Specials (P.E., Music, Art, Library, Computers)
    11:05-11:45~ Handwriting/Science/Social Studies
    11:45-12:30~ Lunch and Recess
    12:30-12:45~ Rest Time / Educational Video / Read Aloud
    12:45-1:30~ Writing
    1:30-2:00~ Free Choice Centers
    2:00-2:40~ Math
    2:40-3:00~ Recess
    3:00-3:10~ Afternoon Jobs, Dismissal

    ***2:20 Dismissal EVERY FRIDAY***
  • There are no upcoming events to display.

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  • Meisinger, Julie

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    Email: jmeisinger@pcsd.org