PHS College and Career Academies

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    One School, Three Academies

    Plattsmouth High School is a nationally recognized wall-to-wall academy high school. Every high school student has the opportunity to participate in one of three academies located on a single campus.

    ATEAM – Architecture/construction, transportation/logistics, environment/agriculture, art, and manufacturing

    BEACH – Business/marketing/management, education, AV technology/fine arts, communications, and human services/hospitality

    STEAM – Science, technology, engineering, aeronautics, and mathematics


    Click HERE to see Plattsmouth High School's three academies listed among a group of nationally recognized career academies across the United States.


    Click HERE for a brief slideshow that showcases our new career and technical education (CTE) addition to our high school campus that will support expanded opportunities for students in the culinary arts, agriculture education, woods/home construction, welding/metals /manufacturing, CNC, and auto/diesel transportation.

    If you would like more information about our career academies or would like a tour of our facilities and opportunities available for your child, please contact High School Principal Mr. Todd Halvorsen ( or Superintendent Dr. Richard E. Hasty ( Thank you for your support of the Plattsmouth Community Schools.



  • Plattsmouth High School College and Career Academies began in 2016 after many years of visioning and planning by PHS staff, students, and stakeholders.  The three Academies at PHS are:







    Please visit each of their pages to learn more about each Academy.


    National Career Academy Coalition Model Academies!


    High School Career Academy Mission Statements

     BEACH Academy


    Business, Marketing & Management


    A/V Technology, Fine Arts


    Human Services & Hospitality 


    BEACH Mission       The Beach Academy prepares students for professions and industries that work with people; learning through serving.

    BEACH Vision        Empowered adults serving communities through their professions.  

    The Beach academy unites the skills and experiences of students to provide services to others in their future endeavors in either a certified working career or a college connected career.

    The BEACH academy can be summed up with a simple phrase: learning through serving. We are a diverse learning community, featuring people who enjoy learning not just through our heads, but through our hearts and our hands. We embody the creativity of the artist, the compassion of doctors and teachers, the innovation of the entrepreneur, and the service of the police officer.


    ATEAM Academy


    Architecture, Construction


    Environment & Agriculture



    ATEAM Mission      Our mission is to incorporate tactile learning with the technology available for more project-based learning of our academy students.  As students progress through the academy, we want them to be prepared to excel in their chosen academy/career field in one of two ways: to be career certified in a chosen field upon graduation and/or to ensure college readiness for those wanting to go on to a higher learning institution.

    ATEAM Vision       A team dedicated to ATEAM! Graduates prepared for postsecondary education and careers in Architecture, Transportation and logistics, Environmental and agricultural, Art and design, and Manufacturing through classes, curriculum, career education, and internships.


    STEAM Academy







    STEAM Mission      Ignite and nurture creative, ethical scientific minds that are prepared to attend college or join innovative career/vocational fields. The STEAM Academy provides teaching and learning experiences focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Aerospace, and Mathematics that focus on imagination, inquiry, and interdisciplinary problem-solving to ultimately foster critical thinking.  The academy also strives to establish small learning communities housed within the larger high school environment, designed to encompass a particular career pathway and personalize education through a specific content focus and educational experiences with experts in the fields.

    STEAM Vision      Students who are critical thinkers prepared to join innovative career/vocational fields because of an enriched education and learning environment focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Aerospace, and Mathematics.

  • How do Academies make PHS better?

    Small learning community  Students can be a part of any one of the three wall-to-wall Academies.  Within the Academy, they will be working with students of similar career interest and learning style.  The floor plan of the high school also allowed for some room swaps in the summer of 2016 which concentrated many Academy teachers together.  Students take many classes in the same hallway or area during the day allowing them to build relationships with fellow students and teachers in that Academy.  In addition, Principal Mr. Jeff Wiles, Assistant Principal Mrs. Allison Kreifels, and Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Mr. Shaun Brothers, each oversee one of the three Academies allowing additional relationship and resource building for students.

    Learning style focus Students are taught by teachers within their Academy who understand their learning style.  Students in each Academy learn differently and are aware of how they learn best.  While taking a class within their Academy for all 8 periods in a day may not be possible, students know the teaching style of each teacher and recognize they may need to put forth additional effort to be successful in the class.

    Rule 47 approved  Plattsmouth High School became Rule 47 approved in September 2017.  This designation from the Nebraska Department of Education is reserved for Academies that meet strict quality and content standards for students and stakeholders.  Every career field offered at PHS is Rule 47 approved making a total of 6 approved programs.  For more information about Rule 47 designation, visit Nebraska Career Academy Programs.

    Cooperation  The institution of the College and Career Acadmies has helped open doors, literally and figuratively, at PHS.  With an Advisory Committee made up of area business leaders, monthly visits from a business mentor for each Advisory period, and increased field experiences for students, the area businesses have contributed positively to the education of PHS students.  Whether you are an entreprenuer, part-time or full-time employee, experienced or new to your career field, your experiences are valued.  If you are interested in sharing your career and passion with high school students, please contact Principal Mr. Jeff Wiles.

Academy Core Leaders (ACL)

  • The purpose of Academy Core Leadership is to Improve, Inform, and Integrate.  The ACL was developed to accomplish improvement for the Plattsmouth High School College and Career Academies by involving students.  Through the three committees, students set and reach goals to further enhance the education and experience at Plattsmouth High School. Please stay tuned for our 2020-2021 Academy Core Leaders.