College and Career Readiness Portfolios


    The purpose of this portfolio is to prepare all students for their next steps outside of Plattsmouth High School.  Through the activities and items prepared, students will be ready to apply and interview for employment, excel at a college or university, and market oneself for optimum achievement all while completing a required component of graduation from PHS.  

  • Here are a few things that students should know about the completion for the portfolio:

    1. Tasks will take varying amounts of time.  Some of the tasks will take 5 minutes while others may take 5 Advisory periods.  Be aware of this and allocate time accordingly.
    2. Students are able to complete all of the tasks during Advisory time.  At no point should this be something that students are scrambling to complete at the end of a year.
    3. Teachers will utilize the checklist for assessing a student’s progress.  Checklists may be printed or uploaded to a student’s own Google Drive for storage electronically, depending on what a teacher prefers.  If the teacher opts to utilize Google Drive, they can track edits made to ensure that they did sign-off on a student’s progress.