Sapphire and Ice

  •  Show Choir is a performance-based class, where students learn to prepare and perform popular music. Students learn how to add choreography to songs, as well as text interpretation, facial and body expression, and many performance skills. Show Choir performs at PHS  concerts, show choir competitions, as well as in the community at nursing homes, and other community events.

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  • Chris Work, Director

    (402) 296-3322 ext. 2128

Show Choir Performance
  • 2017-2018 Sapphire and Ice Members

    Griffin Gillen

    Alene Groenjes

    Dakota Jones

    Lexie Kuhn

    Ava LaSure

    Kira Leget

    Shawn Leonhardt

    Kelby Meisinger

    Kaitlyn Merrill

    Mackenzie Miller

    Bodhi Newman

    Grace Roby

    Lily Roby

    Sarah Schreiber

    Tim Schreiber

    Brendan Simoens

    Marisa Sunderman

    Cody Swingholm-Bell

    Sabrina Van Gorp

    Emily Voogd