About PHS

  • The educational program of Plattsmouth High School is comprehensive in nature, designed to meet the diverse needs of students who plan on further education, military service, or immediate employment upon graduation. PHS offers more than 130 courses for over 550 students.

    Plattsmouth High School was constructed in 1996 and showcases the pride that the students and community members have in their schools. The High School facility provides a 600 seat auditorium, two gymnasiums, five computer labs, and an industrial technology lab. On the high school campus is an outdoor nature classroom; football, track, and softball fields and a state-of-the-art fitness center give students a chance to test their athleticism.

    The extracurricular programs are diverse with students having opportunities to participate in music, dramatics, athletics, academic competitions, forensics, and various club activities. Plattsmouth enjoys the competitive athletic and educational challenges of the Eastern Midlands Conference, while the student government encourages civic engagement in school and community affairs.