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Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System-Click here for more information

Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System

Nebraska looks at assessment as a system that includes instructional support, ways to monitor what students know, and a through-year test showing if a student is meeting state standards.  

Reading Test: NSCAS ELA (grade 3-8)

  • The new reading test is NSCAS-ELA (English Language Arts). 
  • This new test asks students to really look at and think about what they read.
  • There are more ways to answer questions in the new test. Not just multiple choice!
  • In this test, students read one or more passages to find answers.

Math Test: NSCAS Math (grades 3-8)

The NSCAS-Math test has been revised as well. It will use other question types similar to those used on the NSCAS-ELA test. 

 Science Test: NSCAS Science (grades 5 and 8)

Nebraska had new science standards and a new assessment that was designed to go beyond just knowing the facts of science. 

Computer Adaptive

NSCAS tests are computer adaptive. Here is a video explaining how this works! 

Video-What is a Computer Adaptive Test


How is NSCAS different than the NWEA MAP Growth tests? 

Comparison Chart- NSCAS and MAP Growth


The state of Nebraska is having all 11th graders will take the ACT test. The test will be given in April each year. Nebraska has also paid for the PreACT test to be taken by sophomores. 


The NSCAS tests are Nebraska-specific.  PCSD uses the NWEA MAP test in grades K-11 to see how students are doing compared to others across the nation and to prepare for the state NSCAS assessments. 
 NSCAS Overview

If you have any questions about the new tests, talk to your student's teacher or contact Dr. Larson at