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Student Learning, Books, and Programs

Four Questions Guide Learning at PCSD:
What do we want our students to know and be able to do?
How do we know when they know it?

What do we do if they don’t know it? 
What do we do if they do?

What Do We Want Students to Know and Be Able to Do?
Vision, Beliefs, and Goals
PCSD partners have identified a vision, beliefs, and goals for academics, behavior, and civic engagement as well as for content areas (i.e. math, science, reading, etc.).   Through continuous improvement, teachers set yearly goals for content areas. The Content and Learning main page has links to all of this information! 
Curriculum and Essentials
The curriculum and essentials include what is taught, when it is taught, and what is essential for students to learn at each grade level.

How Do We Know When They Know It?
PCSD educators use many ways to assess student learning and share results with partners. 

What Do We Do If They Don’t Know It?
What Do We Do If They Do?

Special Services

Click on these links to see how PCSD meets the needs of learners through:
Parents as Teachers -Birth to Three
PLUS Center
Plattsmouth Academy for Learning (PAL) K-8, 9-12

POPS Elementary After School Program 
Curricular Materials
    Plattsmouth Early Childhood
Big Day for PreK

        Math- Go Math!
        Reading- K-4 Journeys
        Writing-  Units of Study
        Science- Pearson Interactive Science
        Social Studies-K-3 Harcourt Social Studies
                                Grade 4- Pearson My World: Nebraska

    Supplemental Programs
Math- Do the Math
        Reading- Leveled Literacy Instruction, Corrective Reading, Sonday, Stepping Stones,  Early Interventions In Reading, System 44
       Middle School
           Math- Go Math!
           Reading- Grades 5-6 Wonders
                          Grades 7-8 - Collections 
            Writing-  Units of Study
            Science- Grade 5  Pearson Interactive Science
                          Grades 6-8 Pearson Science Explorer- Life, Physical, and Earth Science
            Social Studies- Grade 5 Harcourt Social Studies
                                     Grade 6  World Regions
                                     Grade 7 Ancient Civilizations
                                     Grade 8 United States History Beginning to 1877
          Reading Interventions - System 44, Read 180

High School
Reading- Collections 
Science - Varied resources
Social Studies - Varied resources, Holt World Geography, Holt American History
Math- Varied resources

English Language LearnersNational Geographic Reach
Continual Improvement Process

PCSD partners use data from student learning to reflect on what they do and continually improve their educational system.