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Always Improving

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is ingrained in the culture and the system of PCSD.
The District uses Nebraska's Continuous Improvement Model ( to ensure improvement.
Accreditation All the Schools in the District have been accredited for many years. The high school was first accredited in 1914, the middle school in 1981, and the elementary school in 2000.
Next Steps  The district and its schools have plans for continuous improvement that they implement throughout the year. This year, the Nebraska CIP team will review district progress towards the District Continuous Improvement Goals and annual content area goals.  
These documents can be found in the pages of this section (see left pane): 
  • Academic Vision and Belief Statements 
  • Behavior Vision and Belief Statements
  • Civic Engagement Vision and Belief Statements 
  • Overview of Building and District Goals 

Improvement Plans found in the files section of this page: 

  • District Continuous Improvement Plans
  • High School Improvement Plans
  • Middle School Improvement Plans
  • Elementary School Improvement Plans
  • PECC Improvement Plans

For more information about our great district, got to the Nebraska Education Profile: