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Learning Results (click here for more information)

PCSD partners use data from student learning to reflect on what they do and continually improve their educational system.
Accessing Learning Results
Parents can access assessment data and monitor student learning in many ways:
Individual Student Data
·      Infinite Campus Provides individual student grades
·      NWEA Map data reports
·      NSCAS (Nebraska Student Center Assessment System) assessment results
·      Report Cards
District Data
·      The Superintendent’s State of the Schools Report
·      The Nebraska State of the Schools Reports- Provides data about Plattsmouth and other state schools for the past year
State Data
·      Nebraska Data Reporting System- Data about Nebraska schools from 2007 to the present.
Using Learning Results
PCSD partners review assessment data throughout the year and use it to set and monitor goals.
Educators Review Data and Improve Teaching
·      During  Friday early release times 
·      On Continuous Improvement Days
·      During Summer Curriculum Work sessions
Educators, Students, and Parents Improve Learning 
·     Using NWEA Map testing results in the fall, winter, and spring
·     Reviewing NSCAS assessment reports in the fall
·     Talking with teachers and working to improve classroom assessments results and impact report cards
The Board of Education and Superintendent Establish Policies and Procedures to Improve Learning
·      Using the Superintendent's annual report
·      At monthly Board meetings
Educators set these content area goals after annual data analysis:
·      Language Arts: The students will develop, strengthen, and refine comprehension skills through purposeful reading and reflection –with emphasis on main idea/details and vocabulary –as a foundation for further development of higher level thinking skills.
·      Math: The students will develop, strengthen and refine problem-solving skills while developing conceptual understanding and fluent computation strategies supported by literacy infused curriculum.
·      Science: The student will develop scientific understanding and thinking skills through inquiry and experiments using laboratory equipment, literacy infused curriculum, and the process of making connections with concepts.
·      Social Studies: The student will develop SS concepts and higher level thinking skills through questioning and analyzing nonfiction resources with an emphasis on main idea/detail and inferring and predicting.

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