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Good evening. PCS uses the standard response protocol (SRP) for responding to emergency situations that might also be referred to as critical incidents. SRP posters (see attached) are on the walls throughout our school district.


Please view the SRP video at

and study the attached poster. The video is from the Texas School Safety Center and provides a quality overview of Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate, Shelter, and Hold.


Please note that in this SRP video, during the Lockdown, they reference the avoid, deny and defend strategy from ALERRT. We use a similar strategy that is called ALICE. Follow this link ( for what some people might consider an intense overview of using ALICE in an active shooter situation.


If you have additional questions about the SRP, please contact the head administrator or school resource officer in the building where you meet with your mentee. If you have questions about ALICE and an active shooter situation, Plattsmouth Police Officer Jon Hardy and Cass County Sheriff Deputy Rob Rice are ALICE trainers for our school district and can answer your specific questions.


Have a great night.


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