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Nebraska Reads

NebraskaREADS (for more information, see the webpage included in the blue section to the left of this page)

PCSD educators are implementing the required actions this year! 

The NebraskaREADS initiative supports the policies and practices outlined in the Nebraska Reading Improvement Act, which was enacted in 2018 and goes into effect during the 2019-2020 school year. The law takes a comprehensive approach to improve the early literacy skills of Nebraska’s K-3 students. It emphasizes the importance of strong early reading instruction and individualized supports for students who struggle. The Nebraska Reading Improvement Act values the need to implement with fidelity targeted interventions to bring all students to grade-level proficiency. NebraskaREADS was created to serve the needs of students, educators, and parents along the journey to successful reading.

NebraskaREADS provides tools and resources to support high-quality literacy instruction for all Nebraska students. The initiative highlights policies, procedures, and practices that guide the selection and implementation of literacy practices and evidence-based interventions, and assists districts as they build family, community, and school partnerships to help students become successful readers, setting them up to learn, graduate, and succeed.