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Customer Service Recognition Program

Superintendent’s Awards are presented to certified employees, non-certified employees, transportation employees, and nutrition services employees that display exceptional customer service in their actions and behavior to continue the district’s tradition of excellence. PCS has five key principles of customer service. 1. Listen. 2. Recover well when mistakes are made. 3. Respond in a timely manner. 4. Own the problem and attempt to resolve it. 5. Use eye contact and a friendly greeting.


Nominations will be accepted anytime, with recognition planned for each month. The deadline for nominations is the last business day of each month. Anyone (students, staff members, community members, etc.) may nominate employees that demonstrate exceptional customer service with one or more of the five key principles. There is no limit to the number of times an employee may be nominated. Click here and read the attached form. Nominate someone you know that has demonstrated exceptional customer service.


Our July customer service award winners were Tonda Haith-business manager, Barb Baker-data manager, Zach Schroeder-systems administrator, and Marci Haight-technology support and integration specialist. Our August customer service award winner was Amber Coleman-early childhood administrative assistant. Our September customer service award winner was Howard Baker-building maintenance.  Thank you to James Fabian of Farmer's Insurance in Plattsmouth for providing gift cards to support our customer service recognition program.


Thank you. Superintendent Dr. Richard E. Hasty